2022 Guide: Best Bike Grease for Bearings

This blog post was edited for accuracy and clarity on April 29, 2022.

If you don’t want to read the full article below, we consider White Lightning Crystal Grease to be the best bike grease for bearings.

Although most cyclists don’t give much thought to what kind of bike bearing grease they need, putting the wrong grease in the wrong spot can reduce performance and even cause damage to the bike.

To help you avoid any mishaps, we went ahead and chose the five best bike bearing greases you can count on to keep your bike running smoothly for years to come.

We will be reviewing these top bicycle grease products:


Bike Grease vs. Lube

Before you even start, make sure you need a good bike grease and not chain lubricant or some kind of oil. Although bicycle grease is similar to a lubricant, they are designed to serve different purposes and will act differently from one another in different riding conditions and applications.

When to use bicycle grease:

  • Bike wheel bearings
  • Pedal threads
  • Bottom bracket threads
  • Headset cups

When to use a bike lubricant:

  • Bike chains
  • Brake level pivots
  • Flushing out gear cables
  • Dislodging stuck components

For a more in-depth guide of what kind of lubricant or grease you should use and where, the folks at GMBN Tech created this excellent video guide to walk you through it in more detail.



What to Look for in a Grease for Bike Bearings

Applying the wrong kind of grease to your bike could cause serious damage if you are not careful. Although this article only highlights the best grease for bike bearings, it’s important to know which kind of grease your bike needs as a whole.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Do I have ceramic bearings? – Bicycles that have ceramic bearings need ceramic grease or ceramic-safe grease to maximize performance as well as protect the bearings from unnecessary wear.

Do I need an assembly compound/anti-seize grease? – Greasing items to prevent corrosion as well as reduce the amount of torque needed to keep the item secure–like seat post junctions, for example–need an assembly compound rather than an all-purpose grease. This is particularly important with carbon fiber bikes.



Best Grease for Bike Bearings

Since we’re talking about the best grease for bicycle bearings, we went ahead and chose the top 5 most readily available bike greases you can use to safely grease wheel bearings and other appropriate bike parts.


Finish Line Premium Grease

Finish Line Premium Grease is a versatile Teflon-based grease specifically designed for bicycle bearings.

Because it is Teflon-based, it contains polymer particles which help prevent the grease from washing away after extended use. This is helpful if you ride your bicycle in wet environments.

It also contains advanced rust inhibitors which help protect your bicycle parts from corrosion. Although we recommend washing and drying your bicycle regularly to avoid rust, it’s nice to know this lube provides an extra layer of protection to your bearings and other critical parts.

The grease has a thicker consistency than some greases. Applying it with precision will be a little more difficult, but that also means applying it thoroughly will be quick and simple.

One of the only downsides we noticed with the Finish Line grease is that it’s not suitable for carbon fiber bikes. If you have a carbon fiber bike, you’ll need to find something else that will be safe to use.

We also would like to see this bike grease come in a larger tub. A small container is convenient for occasional use or for travel; however, since bearings should be regreased regularly, a larger tub would end up saving you money in the long run.


  • Very affordable
  • High quality
  • Highly rated bike grease


  • Needs a bigger sized container
  • Not for carbon fiber bikes

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Park Tool Polylube 1000 Grease

Considered one of the most popular and widely available bike greases on the market, the Park Tool Polylube 1000 Grease is certainly a must-have in your garage or tool shed.

One reason why people are drawn to this grease is because of brand reputation. Park Tool consistently manufactures quality bike tools and products, and this grease is no different.

It is also a very versatile grease. It is carbon fiber safe, so even bike owners with high-end bikes can use it without hesitation.

We also like that the grease comes in a couple of different sizes. Although we usually purchase grease in a jar, having a smaller tube around can really come in handy when you’re on a bike trip away from home.

Even though this grease is called Polylube 1000, it is not a lubricant. We understand that some cyclists will not take any issue with that; however, it might be a little confusing or misleading to others.

Last, this grease can run slightly higher in price than other comparable greases. Prices can fluctuate across the internet, so we recommend shopping around to find the best price.


  • Popular and trusted bicycle grease
  • High quality
  • Available in large or small containers
  • Long-lasting application


  • It is not a lubricant, so the ‘Polylube’ can be a little confusing
  • May be pricier than comparable greases

>>Check Price on Amazon<<


White Lightning Crystal Grease

White Lightning Crystal Grease is a unique, biodegradable bike grease that we highly recommend for your bike bearings and other appropriate bike components.

Because it is biodegradable and non-toxic, this grease is a smart purchase for any environmentally-conscious cyclist (or cyclists with young children). On top of that, it is considered “odorless” so it won’t completely stink up a room you’re working in.

White Lightning claims that the Crystal Grease won’t stain, which we think is a huge plus. Bike greases tend to be on the messy side, so it’s nice to know it won’t stain clothes or carpets if you happen to drop some.

Since it’s a clear grease, cyclists and bike mechanics will be able to see what’s under the grease to ensure rusty or corroded parts do not continue to break down. On the flip side, a clear grease means it is a little harder to visually see what parts need more grease.

One of the only things we would like to see improved is the qualifications behind the biodegradable claims. Numerous sources have claimed the White Lightning Crystal Grease is, in fact, biodegradable–yet other sources dispute it. That kind of uncertainty makes us a little extra cautious about the claims the company is making.


  • High quality
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-staining
  • Odorless
  • Safe for carbon fiber bicycles


  • May wash off quicker than other bike bearing greases
  • We wish Crystal Grease would elaborate further on the biodegradable claim

>>Check Price on Amazon<<


Phil Wood Waterproof Grease

Phil Wood Waterproof Grease is a high-quality bicycle bearing grease in a funny little green tube. It has a long-standing reputation as an ultra high-quality grease that lasts for years. The company has a very strong and loyal following, which makes the company and its grease easy to trust

One of the things we appreciate about this grease is its toned-down branding and packaging. Although bike greases aren’t known for flashy branding, the Phil Wood grease is so plain it could almost be mistaken for a tube of paint. It gives us a small business feel that we are happy to support. Pair that with a great product and you’ve got a winning combination.

Similar to the Finish Line Premium Grease, we wish the Phil Wood grease came in a bigger container. The smaller container is certainly great to keep in your bike bag, but putting this stuff in a bigger tub would be great.

Even though it’s not the cheapest grease on the market, the Phil Wood Waterproof Grease is one of the best bike bearing grease products we know of. We’re willing to make that compromise.


  • High quality
  • Very loyal following
  • Safe for carbon fiber bikes
  • Charming tube 🙂


  • We would like to see a larger container
  • A little pricier than comparable greases

>>Check Price on Amazon<<


Conclusion: Best Bike Grease for Wheel Bearings

Although we recommend ALL the bike greases on this list, we consider the White Lightning Crystal Grease as the best bike bearing grease on the market right now.

Because it’s biodegradable and non-staining, it just adds a couple of additional benefits that the other greases don’t. We like that it offers the quality performances you expect, yet won’t ruin your carpet!

You can check pricing and additional product details for the White Lightning Crystal Grease here.

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  1. If you plan to do your own bike maintenance, the greases for the bottom bracket from Park Tool are worth it. I’ve used it to repack wheel bearings on a bike that had not been maintained in a while (the wheels were not spinning freely). Once the hub and bearings were cleaned, with the fresh grease, the wheels spun smoothly and quietly. It repels water with ease and doesn’t run off when going through large puddles or encountering rain. I didn’t have to reapply once last summer, even though it was raining almost daily.

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